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Project 1_ Organic and Sustainable Farming

Project 2_ Well Drilling Projects

Project 3_ Childrens Village

Project 4_ Widow Support

Project 5_ Love Mercy Water bottling

Project 6_ Love Mercy Football Team

Haitian Orphanages

A Love Mercy representive has flown to the Dominican Republic to assess the damage at our two orphanages in Port Au Prince. One home has 120 orphans and the other has around 30 orphans. Initial reports are that they have run out of food. Our representative is on the ground to buy and distribute food and take care of any other needs they may have. If you would like to help relief efforts in Haiti, you may donate through us and our representative will distribute food and funds there. God bless you and thank you. Donate securely online now.

New Church Structure

Dedication of new church