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House 7 of 27 - Appreciation Letter

Posted on Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014

greetings baba wangu mpendwa noel na mama mieke. i thank you for the money you send, i paid the debt for the kitchen and bought all the things and timber needed for making the bed.shall sent you pictures of the bed, matress and blanket next week. the love mercy ncc widows, all the 27 who are in the houses list, have been camping in church for prayers since friday, and they have been going round to every house that you have build praying and giving thanks ,and during the night they pray in the church till morning.this is what they gave me to write to you.   Dear mighty servants of GOD.we the widows of love mercy ncc thank you for the support you give us every month.we do table banking and it enables us to live a better life. also we continue with our purity soup project. also we thank you very much for the houses you are building us widows .we are currently in the church praying and giving thanks for you and all the doners, according to the list at the pulpit. we pray that the lords favour continue being upon you and us so that the housing project may continue and all of us 27 widows may have a house. the lord bless you very much coz you have caused us who were once rejected by society to  now be regarded as blessed. mungu akubariki sana wewe na mama mieke.yours in christ Jesus love mercy ncc widows


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