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As you take the journey through our projects in Africa and Haiti you will find us developing sustainable communities through efforts in water, food, LOVE & MERCY. Although the needs are not limited, available funds and faithful donors are. We invite you to support current projects and even start a Love Mercy project of your own!



Love Mercy operates through donations and partnerships. We are very happy to have partners and donations that help the children and improve the quality of life for all the people we are privileged to support. You can take a look at our chart and see that clean water for a healthy quality life is at the top of our priority list.



There is incredible joy in giving to the poor and helping to change lives in a 3rd world nation. We invite you to experience first hand the joy in relational giving by partnering with Love Mercy as we continue the mission to house, feed and clothe the poor.


Love Mercy

Love Mercy is a non profit organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poor and the oppressed around the world.

Love Mercy supports over 40 projects in Kitale, Kenya. More than 1000 children in Kenya and Haiti are clothed, housed, fed daily.

The world aches with the cries of the afflicted. The desire of Love Mercy foundation is to answer that cry by sharing our resources as well as our hearts and we have drilled over 265 water wells for the poorest of the poor.

Take a walk through our News and Projects pages to see what is possible when we dare to give to those whose needs are greater than ours.