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Our Vision

Our vision is to help develop and empower sustainable communities in rural Africa and to free them of poverty, hunger, sickness and oppression. Our mandate is to “share our food with the hungry”. We believe housing, feeding and clothing the poor will have eternal benefits and help break the chains of injustice that bind the poor in Africa.

Our Mission

We are a Non–Profit Organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poor and oppressed around the world by developing children’s villages, clean water sources and organic farming projects for communities and the less fortunate in Africa.

Who we are

Noel Alexander

Born in the Republic of South Africa. He has served for many years as a pastor in Kansas and Missouri. The passion of his heart is intercession for world-wide revival. He regulary ministers in conferences around the world concerning this theme. Noel was given a mandate by the Lord to feed, clothe and shelter the poor of the earth through Love Mercy.

Sam Alexander

The football project is a place to forget the problems of the day and put your skills to the test against your opponents. It is also a place to dream. The Love Mercy Football Club is an exciting project that speaks to the hearts of Kitale’s youth and encourages young people to dream while they practice their sport. From children to adults many come out and practice at the showground stadium with the team. Charles Opiyo, or better known as Buju has been coaching and mentoring players with Love Mercy since 2010. Charles played professionally in Kenya for the well known club Gor Mahia as a youth. Charles is dedicated to the team and to reaching out to the community, sharing his gift with children all over the country of Kenya. The team has experienced great success on the field and our hope is that this will help open doors and give players the confidence they need to achieve their goals off the field. We believe that by creating leaders on the field, these same leadership skills will aid them long after. If empowering these youth through the game of football excites you, please contact Samuel Alexander for more information. Warm Regards, Samuel Alexander 816.698.9115

Ryan Schumacher

Ryan Schumacher is an entrepreneur and organic farmer who lived in Kenya full time for 5 years pioneering sustainable projects and building relationships with the current Love Mercy leadership team and staff in Kenya. The Love Mercy projects in northwest Kenya provide opportunities to fulfill the Love Mercy mandate. Walking and living Love Mercy day to day is his dream and hearts desire. He is dedicated to the mission and mandate of alleviating the suffering of the poor and the oppressed around the world. I want to change the world one well one garden and one life at a time in Jesus name. Ryan and his family reside in Arizona and are currently pioneering a small organic farm, growing lavender and kale. They are building organic farms in Arizona, Hawaii and Africa, and continue to support the Love Mercy projects in Africa.

Neville Jacobsohn

Neville met Noel and his family 43 years ago. He received Christ's salvation in 1972 and was called to be in ministry and business. In 1976 he married Anita Jane and was given two wonderful children, daughter Juliette and son Chad David. He joined with Love Mercy in 2000. I love the Love Mercy mandate that the Lord anointed and commissioned Noel into and count it a privilege to be a part of the apostolic team that it has become. He resides in South Africa with his family where Lovemercy has been involved in a black township of approx. 1 million people called Khayelitsha with a Pastor and his congregation. He visits Kitali, Kenya on a regular basis to be with Noel and team.

David Guardino

Julie and I met at college in Olathe, Kansas and spent 20 years in the Kansas City area involved in the intercessory prayer movement for the global harvest of souls for the kingdom of God. In 1996 I traveled to Kenya with an Olathe Christian Fellowship team and was deeply impacted by the devotion and the simplicity of this third world church. Soon after the formation of “Love Mercy” I began traveling to Haiti as a “Love Mercy” team member supporting orphanages and mission church works. Currently Julie and I are living in south Florida and recently I traveled to several countries in Asia in association with the “Back to Jerusalem” movement. The fire of intercessory prayer still burns within my heart and we continue pray and believe in a great worldwide harvest of souls before the great and glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ.